Hey y'all, as you can tell the wiki has been sorta inactive.

We've had our bumps getting it back on it's feet, but the thing is, we can't without you guys.

Me and Darklord have been trying our best to edit, but it's insanely difficult with so much to do. As you can see I have 471 edits (around that) and I still haven't managed to finish the characters section.

Here's the deal; I'll make a quick list on what needs to get done, you guys use the search bar to find the pages that need editing, and if they don't exist, create them yourself! Bolded ones are the most important, italic are the not so important, normal is decently important.

High Priority Projects

  • Finish basic Character pages.
  • Finish Chapter pages, this is very important!
  • Finish gamemode pages
  • Finish location pages

Low Priority Projects

  • Add in-game screenshots and more pictures to pages
  • Make pages for each prisoner, this can be dealt with by staff, do not make pages for prisoners, doing so will result in a warning. Continuing will result in a temp block.
  • Finish Weapon pages, they are full of content right now but need to be touched up.