There are a number of combos players can use to help (or hinder) their friends when trekking their way through various levels. 

Basic Combos

  • Jump: Press Xbox360 Button A to leap into the air.
  • Double Jump: Press Xbox360 Button A in midair to get another boost. Can only be used once in a single jump.
  • Shove: Press Xbox360 Button X to shove an enemy back.
  • Weapon: Press Xbox360 Button B to fire your selected weapon.
  • Punch: Press Xbox360 Button B when next to an enemy to give them a big smack in the face.
  • Self-Destruct: Press and hold to explode in a fart. You will respawn at the most recent checkpoint, unless you are on Insane Mode
  • Action Button: Press Xbox360 Trigger Right to get into this position. With it you can throw and help up your friend.  You cannot be slide tackled while facing your opponent and holding the action button.

    Two players throwing

  • Throw: Press Xbox360 Trigger Right to go into throwing positon, and when an enemy or player runs at you, you will throw them into the air. If the thrower is facing the throwee, the distance will not be as great. If the thrower is facing away from the throwee, they will be sent much farther!
  • Upwards Throw: Hold up on the left stick and press Xbox360 Button X to throw another player or enemy directly upwards. The throwee must be on top of the thrower for it to be executed properly.
  • Help Up: Press Xbox360 Trigger Right at the edge of a block to reach down. If another player gets in reach of your arm, they can be helped up.
  • Cry: Press and hold Xbox360 Trigger Left to call for help. If a horse is on the map, he will come to your position.
  • Uppercut: Crouch on the ground using the left stick and press Xbox360 Button B to perform this. It will send the enemy (or friend) you punched flying into the air.
  • Stunning Kick: Crouch on the ground using the left stick and press Xbox360 Button X to perform this. You will perform a kick. The kick will stun your enemy temporarily, and is great for setting up other moves. The stun will last a shorter amount of time if used repeatedly, with multiple kicks causing almost no stun at all.
  • Slide: Start walking for a period of time, then press Xbox360 Button X. You will slide which throws back any enemies or projectiles in your way.
  • Downwards Cut: Press Xbox360 Button A and then Xbox360 Button X to perform a downwards cut. This will knock down projectiles and hit back enemies from the top.