This is for the in-game item. For the one that Hatty and his friends used for travel before it tragically crashed onto the Island, see S.S. Friend Ship 

The Boat is one of the many Items in the game Battleblock Theater. It is one of the two mounts in the game, the other being the Horse.


The Boat is a small item that takes up one block. It has a pole in the middle with a flag on top. It has no alternative colors.


Boats can spawn on land or water. They are motionless when not mounted or pushed. When they are in the water, a player can go to the edge of the water and press RT and it will float to them. The Boat is subject to gravity, and will crush any players or cats upon landing on their head.


  • The Boat does not have any oars or a sail. Thus it is unknown how it moves.

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