Vital statistics
Primary Use Stunlocking, Gem Collection
Type Utility, Support
Attack Effect Stun
The Boomerang is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


This Boomerang is an interesting weapon. It traverses similar to a real-life boomerang (except when hit into a wall), and when hit, it causes stun. 

Among it's positive traits is it's great follow-up potential. Unlike weapons like the Dodgeball, the Boomerang is much faster. The Boomerang also hits players when returning back to the player, meaning that if it doesn't hit at first, it has another chance of hitting the player on its way back, although actually hitting is still fairly difficult in it's own regard (due to traveling in a linear and predictable fashion)

The Boomerang operates through stunlocking enemies, stopping them from moving and instantly bringing them down to the ground if in the air. This can prove useful for arenas that involve flying or traversing over large bodies of water or spikes. The Boomerang is fantastic in Ball Game, Capture the Horse, and Muckle, where the Player can use it to make opponents drop the ball, knock them out of the horse and stun them, or for follow-up combos or juggles (Yes, juggling is possible in this game, to some minor extent).

However, it has some flaws. It's only kill potential revolves around stunning enemies to follow-up with pushing them into a hazard. However, experienced players know that almost every arena mode level presents at least one hazard, which means that the Boomerang, when used correctly, can be used excellently in any course. While it may seem easy to dodge, experienced players know how to aim it in a way to anticipate their enemies' movement, guaranteeing a hit. 

Furthermore, the Boomerang allows players to grab gems and yarn from afar, as well as stop gem thieves in their tracks, allowing for easy gem collection. 

Overall, the Boomerang, while it may not have kill potential upon it's own, can be extremely deadly in the hands of an experienced player. Approach Boomerang users cautiously, or combat it's stun power with the Fan or Vacuum.

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