Vital statistics
Primary Use Shield
Type Other
Attack Effect Air
The Fan is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Fan blows back players and weapons a good distance. It can be used as a reflector and can counter other Weapons in the game. This makes it a good weapon for levels with plenty of projectile wielding enemies.

The Fan is a fairly decent weapon. It is a powerful counter towards projectiles, and is generally unpredictable and very quick. This makes it almost impossible to avoid, barring incredibly quick reflexes. Addionally, it can be used against enemies or players crossing a large area to create an extremely hard-to-pass wall. 

However, the Fan has a few flaws. One of its greatest flaws being that, aside from the aforementioned defensive wall, it is virtually useless on levels without or minimal projectiles, aside from maybe blowing away players who attempt to approach you. While it is a powerful ground approach option, it is extremely risky to use it in the air above solid ground, as the player will fall very quickly and has drastically reduced air speed. Finally, you move significantly slower, holding back this otherwise great ground approach.

Overall, the Fan is a very versatile weapon, but it should be considered about which levels you bring it to.


This weapon is helpful, but there is a few glitches the player can do with it, in any level with a "floating block" if a player is holding it are next to a wall, then another player uses the fan it's possible to make the block go inside the wall, if a cloud is in the way you can use it to take the block into an area it's not supposed to.


  • The Fan is arguably the best weapon for Ball game.
  • If one player equips the Fan and the other equips the Vacuum and both of them stand with 2 blocks of eachother and press Xbox360 Button B, you they will move quickly across the map.

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