Vital statistics
Primary Use Vertical Movement
Type Crowd Control
Attack Effect Electricity (Stun)
The Forceball is one of the 13 weapons a player can obtain in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Forceball is a unique addition to the Weapons. When thrown, it sends out an electric ball which upon impact, can shock characters and send flying through the air or merely knock them back if they're hit from fairly far away. 

The Forceball is a very useful weapon. In addition to it's ability to knock others straight into water or spike hazards very easily (due to the inability to act out of being stunned), it can be used to retrieve otherwise difficult to reach Gems or Yarn. This makes it among the most versatile weapons in the game. 

However, actually killing opponents is essentially impossible. The weapon itself has no damaging properties or hitboxes, and the stun will either launch opponents to high for an effective follow-up or provided too little stun to prepare an attack without very quick reflexes. Additionally, the player themselves are just as susceptible to getting hit; you need to be very close to the opponent to actually stun or hit them, as the Forceball itself goes diagonally upwards when used.

Overall, however, the Forceball is one of the best weapons in the game. Its ability to easily knock others into a hazard is virtually unrivaled, not to mention it can assist with completing levels quite easily. 

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