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Hatty Hattington
Hatty hatt
Color(s) White, Brown
Location Gift Shop
Gender Male
First Appearance Opening Sequence
Species Unknown - Possibly Human
Occupation Best Friend to One and All

Hatty Hattington was everybody's best friend and a proper handsome fellow. While voyaging upon the S.S. Friendship he as well as his other pals were caught in a storm, resulting in them arriving at a mysterious island run by cats, Hatty was given a mysterious Top Hat which made him the leader of the cats.


Hatty was renowned for being a pretty swell and handsome guy... that is until he was shipwrecked on a mysterious island and given a pretty villainous top hat by some of the cat natives. The hat made him the leader of the cats, but he was too depressed to lead them and sat on his throne looming all day. Eventually the cats grew tired of Hatty and started rebelling against him (with fire). Luckily, his old friends came to rescue him. Upon arrival back on the SS Friendship, his friends were shocked to see he had become a vegetable and threw his body overboard. As the hat sunk down to the top of his head, a green glow was emmited and a laser launched upwards. What happened next remains a mystery...


  • Although Hatty is limp and lifeless after the player's first encounter with him, Hatty appears to seem active in multiple promotional images and in game messages.
    • It's implied by the Narrator that Hatty might have sunk into a catatonic state from prolonged exposure to the hat, which would also explain why Hatty becomes more and more depressed as the game goes on...
  • Hatty appears as a playable character in another Behemoth game, Castle Crashers, along with a new whale pet and gem sword.
    • The whale pet was one of the reasons Hatty crashed into the island in the first place, yet in Castle Crashers, the whale is Hatty's pet.
    • The fact that Hatty is crying in Castle Crashers means that the game takes place after BattleBlock Theater and that Hatty lost his vegetable-like state. The green laser at the end could be his entrance to the Castle Crashers world.
  • There have been theories that in The Behemoth's next game, Pit People, Hatty will be the main antagonist.

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