The Horse is one of the many Items in the game Battleblock TheaterHe is one of the two mounts in the game, the other being the Boat.


The Horse is a small square shaped animal that the player can ride throughout BattleBlock Theater. In the campaign, he is seen as pink, and is easily mistaken for a Horse. In arenas, his color is the color of the team he is on. Most commonly blue or yellow.


When not being riden in-game, the Horse simply wanders around the map. He can only jump one block, so he can easily get trapped on some levels. Buy pressing LT your player will cry and he will come running towards you. He does not attack at all when not mounted.


By pressing B you can do a back kick, and by pressing X you can do a front kick. These are efficent attacks but can only be excuted whilist riding a Horse.


  • You can ride over water while on a Horse much like a Boat. But, you can also ride over spikes and do attacks, making him a much more ideal mount choice.
  • There is no possible way to kill a Horse.