There are a handful of items players may acquire to assist in their adventures:



  • Both players cooperate and drive the boat in one direction. This will speed up the course in which you’re traveling.
  • If you both choose separate directions, the boat will remain dead in the water, along with your chances of completion.


  • Control how and when you flap your wings.
  • Flap faster to get away from enemies, float for a zen state of mind or soar through the clouds to get your shiny gems and balls of yarn!
  • Boulders which can be carried and used to activate Invisible Bridge pressure plates.
 *Used to temporarily fly upwards after pressing jump once.
Block Horse

the horse


 *A block shaped animal that can be used to ride across spikes and water. Can also

  • Do a backwards kick to hit other players or enemies.
  • A forward kick to directly hurt enemies.
  • Gives large upward boosts by repeatedly pressing jump.

Baby Yak

  • A small block shaped animal that floats side to side until it comes into contact with a solid block or a prisoner.

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