Level Lobby is a location in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The Level Lobby acts as the "Central Hub" for players on Co-Op or Singleplayer, as well as Arena modes. The format is as follows:

  • The main theater, that can be walked around and explored. Each cage door is unlocked when the chapter prior is completed, and each technical "room" is farther in time then the one prior. (For instance, the first room you are in, containing chapters 1-2, is highly out of shape, but in chapters 3-4, the theater quality has greatly increased.)
  • Chapter rooms 1-4, which, obviously, contain the levels to each chapter, as well as a gift shop. 
  • Chapter rooms 5 is near the edge of the Main Theater. From here, the Player can see the recreation area outside the Main Theater.
  • Chapter 6 is on the second floor, above Chapter 5. Completing Chapter 6 allows the Player to travel freely between the Main Theater, the recreation yard, and the Secondary theater, which provides access to Chapters 7 and 8.
  • Chapter room 7 is highly out-of-order, yet the stage rooms appear to be shiny and clean.
  • Chapter room 8 is a high-tech vault, with the toughest challenges that anyone could face. Apparently, any prisoners caught inside the vault are to be promptly executed. The vault is the final area of the game, and the place where hatty resides.
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"The cats aren't going to like this"
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