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"The cats aren't going to like this"
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The Nightmare Princess is a minor character in Battleblock Theater, referenced by the Narrator during his theories on how Purrham found his hat. According to the Narrator, it's generally believed that Purrham could've been venturing through the Caves of the Nightmare Princess when he found the hat, perched upon a gigantic ruby. A ruby, in the shape of a skull! A human skull! It's believed by some that the Nightmare Princess cursed the hat, and left it in the caves, so it may ruin the lives of those who venture inside. The Narrator then subtly mentions how he's the stupid one for coming up with a theory that's far more plausible, while the public still believes in "voodoo witch doctors" and "Nightmare Princesses". (Basically saying that all the cats are stupid, even though he supposedly works for them)


  • The puppet used to represent the Nightmare Princess (seen above) in cutscenes is a direct reference to Tricky the Clown, a character in Castle Crashers, another popular game made by The Behemoth, as well as Madness Combat, a very popular game on the Newgrounds site.