Purrham Furbottom
Color(s) Assorted
Location BattleBlock Theater
Gender Male
First Appearance N/A
Species Possibly Human
Occupation Theater Founder
Purrham Furbottom is a Character in the game BattleBlock Theater.


Purrham is a classy fellow who wears a top hat. He also wears old style clothing that looks as if it were from England in the 18h century or so. He always is seen with a smile on his face, and a cane in his hand. His hair has two curls the fall down his forehead, presumed to be his eyebrows.


Purrham Furbottom was a self-made millionaire, who lived in the year "17059-ish", according to the Narrator. Having amassed a fortune, he built a new attraction: BattleBlock Theater. The theater starred deadly stage performances, the likes of which the world had never seen before. It was a huge success, raking in enormous amounts of money for Purrham.

However, for unknown reasons, Furbottom hated intermissions with a burning passion, and didn't allow them in the theater. He sat there for days on end, gorging himself on popcorn and never taking a potty break. This ultimately proved his downfall. Furbottom tragically pooped himself to death while running to the bathroom. According to the Narrator, he "clenched his butt as hard as he could, but his little cheeks just gave out".

After his death, the cats threw his foul-smelling body into the ocean, where it was immediately devoured by sharks. He left behind nothing but his theater, his cats, and his top hat. It is presumed he is one of the spirits possessing the hat.


  • Dan Paladin's art style is clearly seen throughout his appearance.
  • He has a death similar to Hattys, which was being sent to the bottom of the ocean.

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