Color(s) Brown and White
Location BattleBlock Theater
Gender N/A
First Appearance Chapter 2 (Act 3, Scene 2)
Species Raccoon
Occupation N/A
Raccoon is a Character in the game BattleBlock Theater.


The raccoon is an enemy in Battleblock Theater that sleeps when the player is far away, but wakes up when the player gets near it. When it catches the player it eats the player whole, and the player is instantly killed. Upon being eating for the first time, the player will get the achievement "Prison Food." The raccoon cannot be harmed by normal weapons and can only be killed by sawblades.



The raccoon about to eat a player.

  • This enemy is part Jackalope, a mythical creature which appears to be a mixture between a jackrabbit and anantelope.
  • The Raccoon appears in a cameo in Castle Crashers Remastered, as a vendor in the Insane Mode Store

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