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Reginald is one of the 320 prisoners a player can unlock in the game BattleBlock Theater.


Reginald is popular prisoner that, according to his profile, is in captivity for 88 years. He is guilty of Moustache Waxing, and was originally a Butler. He is seen in the Opening Cutscene and on the main menu. His prisoner ID is 10321.


BattleBlock Theater - Prisoner 1032101:10

BattleBlock Theater - Prisoner 10321




  • This prisoner is seen at the beginning of the game as "Reginald."
  • Reginald is one of the only characters in the game to get a speaking line, saying "I say, gentlemen, I do believe we're in quite a spot of bother!" during the storm.
  • Reginald holds a strong resemblance to Hatty Hattington. Whether or not they are connected is unknown.


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