This page contains major spoilers.


One day, a ship called the S.S Friendship set sail for adventure. Aboard the ship were lots of friends of every shape and size, and the best friend of them all, Hatty Hattington. While they were sailing, a storm quickly brewed and violently ravaged the S.S Friendship until it finally crashed into an uncharted island. On the island was an abandoned old theatre with a sign reading "BattleBlock Theater" hung above the once beautiful entrance, and with nowhere else to go, the friends sought out shelter inside. While exploring the interior, they came across Hatty being held by two unusually large orange cats, next thing they knew, a cat slipped a giant, glowing, evil (and very fashionable) hat into his head. Hatty began to cry, and when he spotted his friends watching from the distance, he shot them with some sort of magical power and knocked them all out, they were now at the cats mercy. Most of the friends were sealed in capsules to be sold in the cat's gift shop while some of the friends were left free and forced to perform on the stages. The friends pushed their way through performance after performance, each step bringing them a little bit closer to Hatty and their freedom, however, deep in the vault Hatty was not his normal self. Hatty's mind was completely withdrawn within his ominous new hat, he just sat there, limp and staring. Nobody knew what he was thinking, and nobody liked it either, including his cat employees who gave him the job in the first place. The cats began to rebel against Hatty's leadership and began to tear up Battleblock Theater in their blind rage. But, the show must go on if the theater staff ever planned on keeping the place standing, so the friends continued to perform for the cat audience. Eventually, they struggled free of the cat's paws and managed to infiltrate the vault where Hatty was, and after overcoming their hardest challenge yet, they rescued him and escaped the island. Everyone was happy and excited and decided to relax and share some hot cocoa with their greatest pal, Hatty. However, Hatty wouldn't move, respond, or acknowledge them in any way, he was completely limp and lifeless, with a steady stream of tears still pouring down his face. They seemed to get over Hatty VERY quickly as they immediately started a huge party and rocked the boat so hard that poor Hatty fell out and sank to the bottom of the ocean, never to be heard from again.(well until pit people)