Weapons are an item used in BattleBlock Theater.


A Weapon is unlocked by collecting Yarn. Bring 5 Yarn to the security Cat Guard in the Gift Shop inside the portal. In exchange, he will bestow a random Weapon for the player. Weapons can be equipped on the Character Customization screen.

Each weapon has its own merits and uses. Obviously, most Weapons' purposes are to damage enemy (such as igniting or blowing others up). However, some others can be used to help traverse a level, such as providing a platform or a large jump. These weapons tend to be much safer and helpful for completing a level, but are virtually useless on modes where you must actually kill others. Lastly, there is the miscellaneous group. These Weapons are vastly different from every other weapon, as they provide benefits no other group does. This includes reflecting/absorbing projectiles or freezing the opponent. These weapons tend to be hit or miss; some are good, some are bad.

Below is a list of Weapons a player can obtain.

Group 1

Weapons inside of Group 1 are mainly used for offense.

Image Weapon Description Attack Type
Disc Thrown like a frisbee and knocks-back on contact. If it is walked over, it will explode. Explosion, Knockback
Grenade Explodes on contact. Explosion
Fireball Shoot a flame to burn your enemies. Other players that catch on fire can bounce off water. Fire
Airplane Watch this weapon smoothly fly through the air, then hold the weapon button again to explode. Explosion

Group 2

Weapons inside of Group 2 are mainly used for productivity.

Image Weapon Description Attack Type
Acid bubble
Acid Bubble Burn enemies instantly, or use it as a platform. Acid
Dart gun
Dart Gun Knockback your foes, or shoot it to a wall to have a long-term platform. Knockback
Forceball Do super jumps and push back enemies. Electricity
Boomerang Collect gems and stun enemies. Stun
Frog Walks 26 blocks and explodes on contact Explosion

Group 3

Weapons inside of Group 3 are Other, because they cannot be classified in group 1 or 2.

Image Weapon Description Attack Type
Fan Shields from incoming projectiles. Air
Dodgeball Bounces around and stuns enemies. Stun
Ice cannon
Ice Cannon Fire two chunks of ice to freeze incoming enemies. Ice
Vacuum Absorb incoming projectiles. Air


Battleblock Theater - All Weapons03:07

Battleblock Theater - All Weapons

All of the weapons on display

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